Real. Genuine. Bona Fide. It's the only way we do BBQ.

We're Open Thursday through Sunday, from 11 am till 7 pm in Mount Dora, Florida.

Our Menu

We might add stuff in a minute. But don't expect kale or avocado toast.


We didn't call it a "Rib Shack" for nothing.

St. Louis Ribs
Sandwich 6.99
Dinner 10.99 (2 sides)
Half Slab 13.99 (2 sides)
Slab 23.99
Premium Baby Back Ribs
Half Slab 15.99 (2 sides)
Slab 25.99 (ribs only)
Pork Rib Tips
Small   3.00
Large   5.00
 Giant Beef Ribs
Dinner 11.99 (2 sides)
2 Bone Dinner 16.99 (2 sides)

Chopped Pork

Cooked on fire in a brick pit as old as your daddy.

Sandwich 6.99
Dinner 9.99 (2 sides)
Pound 10.99

Beef Brisket

Texas called. They're jealous.

Sandwich 8.99
Dinner 12.99 (2 sides)
Pound 13.99


Juicy, tender, and smoky on the inside. Crispy on the outside.

Quarter Sandwich, Light or Dark 5.99
Pulled Sandwich, Light or Dark 6.50
Quarter Dinner, Light or Dark 6.99 (2 sides)
Half Chicken 8.99 (2 sides)
Whole Chicken 10.99


How hungry are you?

2 Meat Dinner 14.99 (2 sides)
3 Meat Dinner 17.99 (3 sides)
4 Meat Dinner 19.99 (4 sides)
(Giant Beef Ribs not eligible for Combos)

Whole Wings

The drum AND the flat AND that other thing.

1 Wing 1.25
3 Wings 4.59
6 Wings 7.99
12 Wings 15.99
24 Wings   29.99

Cole Slaw

Clyde's famous recipe. Crisp, cool, and creamy.

Small 1.79 
Large 3.59
Family 4.99

Baked Beans

Crystal's Recipe. A bit of sweetness to go with the smoke.

Small   1.79
Large 3.59
Family 4.99

Mac and Cheese

Again with Crystal. She's got good recipes. Finished in the smoker.

Small 1.99
Large 3.79
Family 5.99

Three Potato Salad

Three spuds, one salad: Idaho, Red, and Sweet.

Small 1.99
Large 3.79
Family 5.99

Vic's Brunswick Stew

A "sometimes" thing. It's good when we have it.

Small 1.99
Large 3.79
Family 5.99

Other Good Stuff

You're in the South. You need this stuff.

Miss Mattie's Mini Sweet Potato Pie
Each 1.59 
Kool Aid Pickle
Each 1.00 
Moon Pie
Each .50
Pickled Egg or Pickled Sausage
Each .50
Sweet Tea or Lemonade
One Size 1.59
Can Soda or Water
1305 N. Grandview - Corner of Grandview and Lincoln

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